PODS For Renovation – Questions and Answers

If you’ve never used PODS for temporary storage during renovations before, you have many questions about how the system works. You also want to know if it’s any cheaper or better than other storage options. These questions and answers should help.

What exactly is a PODS container?


PODS are steel-frame boxes, with aluminum skin panels. A translucent polymer material covers the top to keep the container illuminated from outside light sources. PODS units are equipped with lightweight steel doors that roll up to open and slide down to close. The containers stand up to the elements, being weather-resistant and able to withstand winds up to 100 mph when not empty.


What size PODS unit do I need?


They are available in three basic sizes. If you are renovating only one room, choose the 8x7x7. If you have several rooms, use the 8x8x12. If this is a full-home renovation, you probably need the largest container, 8x8x16.


How do I get a PODS unit?

All you have to do is call and order a container. We’ll deliver it to your home or business, usually within a day. Keep it as long as you need it and call us to get it when your renovations are complete.


What will a unit cost me?

PODS will charge a small fee for delivery and again for retrieval. There is also a monthly rental fee. You can call for a quote and it will be honored for 14 days, giving you time to decide if PODS is right for your needs. If you need any special packing supplies or insurance for the contents, they will cost more. You also might face an additional charge if you do not have a driveway or other level surface for the container to be set down.


If I change my mind and cancel the order, can I get a refund?


Your credit card is not charged for the PODS unit until the delivery date. If you are unable to cancel before 4pm the day before delivery, there may be a cancellation charge. Make sure you call and speak with an agent about your cancellation.


How much space do I need for the PODS container outside my home or apartment?


The delivery truck will need clearance of 15 feet above and at least 7 feet of space on either side, for a total of 14 feet. The ground must be reasonably level and there can be no low hanging wires or branches.  Most driveways can accommodate two PODS containers side by side. If there is snow on the ground, be sure to clear enough snow for the required dimensions.


How long can I keep the PODS unit at my home?

PODS places no time limits or restrictions, but check with your town to be sure there are no regulations that may place a time limit on temporary storage units.


Should I worry about theft when keeping a PODS unit at my home?


Hopefully, you live in a place where theft is not a problem. If not, be sure to keep the PODS door closed and locked when you are not loading or unloading it.


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