PODS – Saving Your Business Money

Saving money for your small business is important, but finding time to pack and move your office in between your regular job duties is hard. If you are moving on short notice it’s even harder. But there is a way to move on short notice, save money and get it done without working an 80-hour week. You can rent a PODS container, an affordable way to move and storage goods that takes less time, hassle and expense.


PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage. These units are popular among small businesses because they are customizable, scalable and offer flexible terms of use. Because a PODS unit fits in a standard car’s parking space, it’s easy to get the container on site and ready to load. The container will not distract from your regular business or be in the way for customers.


PODS are durable storage containers made of high-grade steel and waterproof plywood reinforced with aluminum. The units are secure, giving you the only access. You can load your office equipment and lock the container at night without worrying about a break in. The container can even be kept more secure during the move through GPS tracking equipment. You can order a PODS unit with a dehumidifier or air conditioner to provide the optimal environment for your equipment, even when the elements do not.


Looking at your moving options, you have three choices. You can rent a truck, pack, load and drive everything to your new location. You could also hire a moving company, either to pack, load and drive, or just to load and drive. Or you could call for a PODS container, pack, load and let them do the moving. In looking at the costs versus benefits of these options, PODS wins and here’s why.


While renting a truck is the cheapest option, it involves moving equipment up a steep ramp on the back of the truck. This can easily lead to a workplace injury, especially for heavy items. There is also the concern of a major accident occurring while you drive an unfamiliar vehicle, putting your business assets and insurance rates at risk. Renting a truck to drive across country costs around $3,000.


When you pay a mover, you have to pay for the labor to load the truck, the truck use, labor for the drivers, fuel, and myriad other charges. In the end, the move will cost about $8,000 if you are moving cross-country. You also need to schedule your move around the company’s schedule.


If you move coast-to-coast with PODS, you’d pay around $4,000 for everything. You get your container the day after you ask for it and pick up is the same. You can load the container for an hour or two each day until it’s full, then call for pickup when you’re ready. Because the PODS container sits on level ground, you minimize the risk of worker injury. At a cost only slightly more than renting, and half the cost of hiring movers, PODS is the most logical choice for small businesses.


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  1. A very interesting post. It is important to think about all the options that you have and what the cost will be to you.

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