Have you seen a ”PODZILLA®?”

The first time I heard of a ”PODZILLA®” I thought it was the title of the latest Marvel Comics flick. Turns out, it’s a powerful piece of equipment that can literally carry you house. Ok, well, the contents of your house. In a PODS® container. You know, one of those portable moving and storage containers you see around town on the back of a truck or in your neighborhood? I have seen plenty of them, but never one in action. Imagine my luck when a few days later a PODS® container was delivered two streets over from my house. I know, right? Jackpot!

The PODZILLA didn’t scale two-story houses in a single bound but it was expertly lifted off the trailer by the PODS driver who used a wireless remote to maneuver the container. He told me the process was a patented hydraulic lift system that minimizes shifting by keeping the container level during loading and unloading and was affectionately known as PODZILLA.

It was a Saturday so kids from the neighborhood (and my sons, too) watched in awe. Even grown-ups were amazed at the delicate balance of this big rectangular storage container. Dork that I am I can’t even work my Wii controllers so this was cool to watch.

It was parked in the driveway for about a week until PODS came back to pick it up. Turns out the homeowners are renovating their entire downstairs and used the PODS® container to store all of their furniture to keep it clean and dry. I’ll bet there are a million uses for PODS, and I’m sure I will think of 999,999 more (okay, maybe less) to entertain you.


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