Tips for Buying and Selling a Home

Set the Stage

So, you’re ready to sell your house. But are you really ready? Before you put your place on the market, examine it from the point of view of a prospective buyer, and dedicate some time to these three staging steps:

First, do what you can to make your home look as spacious as possible. Get rid of all unnecessary furniture and knickknacks. Be especially ruthless when it comes to hallways and doorways. Side tables, toys, and trinkets can make a space feel cramped and uncomfortable. Make sure your home has an open, easy flow.

Once you’ve uncluttered your space, undecorate it. No single design style is universally appealing, so the best thing a seller can do is avoid extremes. This means losing anything too bright, too modern, too quirky, or too personal. Restrained décor and a neutral palette allow the house itself to shine – and encourage buyers to envision their own things in your space.

Finally, keep it clean. There’s no predicting when a potential buyer will ask to stop by, so your house needs to be “company-ready” at all times. Call the pros to get it up to par, then keep it that way by doing a little cleaning each night.

If you realize that your place needs repairs, this is the time to do them. Fix that leaky faucet, strip that peeling wallpaper, and present your home in the best possible light.

Store Your Stuff

Here’s where we come in. All those things you just cleared out of your home? Pack them into a PODS container. You can keep it on-site, or we can transport it to a Storage Center. Anytime you need access, simply give us call.

PODS is also a great storage solution when you’re between homes. Maybe your old house sells quicker than anticipated, or your new one needs renovations before you can move in. With PODS, it’s no problem. We’ll safely store your things for as long as you’re in limbo, then take them to your new place the moment you say go.

Start the Search

Built-ins. Walk-ins. Walk-ups. Stucco. Granite. Pier-and-beam.

There’s so much to consider when searching for a new home. But don’t lose sight of the forest for the mahogany floors. The most important feature of any home is, and always will be, location. So make sure you’re focused on neighborhoods that truly make sense for your life.

You can start by asking yourself some questions: Is this a neighborhood you and your family can stay in for a long time? How is the school system? Is there a homeowners association? Is it safe? Is it quiet? How near are restaurants, shopping, and services you want to use? Don’t be afraid to talk to the neighbors. They can offer insights you won’t find in any listing. And they’re likely to give you a candid response.

When it comes to finances, plan on a down payment. The exact amount will depend on your situation, but if you can afford 20 percent, you’ll save a bundle on interest and avoid paying for private mortgage insurance.

It’s also a good idea to get preapproved for a loan before you start shopping. Meet with your bank to see what your options are for a mortgage, and you won’t waste time looking at homes you can’t afford.

Make the Move

When moving day arrives, PODS delivers. Whether you plan to move across town or across the country, we offer a hassle-free way to stay in control of the entire process. We’ll deliver your PODS containers directly to your home, and you can pack them however you like, at your pace and on your schedule. With one simple call to PODS, we’ll return to pick up your containers and drive them wherever you wish. Take as much time as you need to unpack, and we’ll come get the empty containers when you’re done.

We at PODS wish you the best of luck buying, selling, and moving this summer, and we hope you spend many happy years in your new home.


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