PODS for Moving – Question & Answers

You have probably heard about PODS portable storage containers and how they make moving easier. If you have not actually used PODS before, you will have questions. Read these questions and answers for help.


What are PODS containers?


PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage. These units are essentially boxes with aluminum skin panels over steel-frames. Each unit is covered by a translucent polymer material that lets in light so you can see while inside. The units also have a lightweight door made of steel that rolls up and down to open and close. The door is equipped with a lock as well.


Can Water Enter a PODS container?

While not waterproof, the units are weather-resistant and stand up well to the elements. When partially loaded, a unit can stand up to 110 mph winds. PODS containers can stand up to storms, but perhaps not a flood.


How to I know my property won’t be damaged during the move?


PODS containers are made with eyehooks every four feet inside the container to make strapping the contents down easy. PODS trucks are equipped with special lift systems that ensure the PODS unit stays level and the contents do not shift. If you are still worried about damage from bumpy roads, PODS does offer content protection agreements.


How many PODS will it take to move all my belongings?

The typical 3-bedroom house may need an 8x8x12 container or an 8x8x16 unit. If you are relocating long distance, choose the larger unit. Understand that these sizes are approximately and the size to choose is ultimately up to you.


I need two container deliveries but there is only room for one at my home. What should I do?


PODS can stagger container deliveries. We’ll drop off an empty container and pick up your full one.


Does PODS offer a packing and loading service?


While PODS does not offer this service, we can easily refer you to a company that does. Ask an agent.


How quickly do I have to get my container loaded?

That’s entirely up to you. Keep the unit as long as you want, unless your town restricts it.


How do I get a PODS container sent to my home?

Just give us a call. In most cases, your PODS unit can be delivered the very next day.


What if I have to move out of my house, but I don’t have a new home yet?

You can have your PODS unit delivered to one of our secure storage centers instead of sending it to another home. When you know where you will be living, just call us. We’ll send your containers back to you.


What does it cost to move with PODS?

Moving with PODS is sometimes cheaper than renting a truck and doing it yourself. It is always cheaper than hiring a moving company to load and move your belongings. The cost will depend on several factors. There will be delivery charges, transportation charges, and potential storage costs. Call for a quote to get a better idea of the cost.



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