Make Your Move Easier With PODS Boston

After months of searching, you finally landed the job of your dreams. The future looks bright ahead! But there’s a problem…you have to move 1,500 miles away to take the job.


If the idea of moving seems overwhelming to you, it’s time to think about some easier moving options. You don’t have to do it all yourself and you don’t have to shell out big bucks on a moving company. You can take the middle road with Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) containers instead. These convenient moving units take away the hassle of a moving truck and are only a little more expensive than doing it all yourself.


Asking for Help


You could probably call all your friends and get some help loading up a moving truck, but why inconvenience them when it is so easy to arrange for portable storage? You still pack all your things yourself, and you still have the peace of mind of loading things the way you know is best. But you don’t have to load everything up a rickety truck ramp or pack as much as you can in the back of your car. By renting a PODS container, you do all your loading on ground level, making for less lifting and less danger of injury. It’s also a lot faster to load on ground level than going up and down a ramp.


How PODS Works


With portable storage, you just call the PODS franchise and order a container. The representative can help you estimate the size you need so you don’t waste money on a container that is bigger than necessary. The container will be delivered to your driveway the next day and you can start loading your boxes and furniture. Once you have everything inside and ready to go, you have two choices.


You can either leave the container at home until it’s time to move, or have it picked up and placed in their secure storage facility until the moving day comes. Either way, PODs will come out and load the container onto their truck. The specialized lift system ensures your careful loading is not toppled, because the container stays level every step of the way. You can then schedule your move so the container is delivered to your new home and ready for you when you arrive.


Call Around for a Price


If you are not so sure PODS are an easier way to move, get a quote on renting a truck and figure in all the extra time it would take you to load everything up the ramp, the cost of lunch and drinks for all the friends that help you, plus the cost of gas and mileage. Then go get a quote from PODS. You’ll find the numbers are close to the same. In some cases, PODS will be even cheaper. Going with portable storage containers just makes more sense. You can make your move easier on you and your friends and may even save some money in the process.



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