Innovation From PODS Boston

Innovation is the act of introducing something new. That’s just what PODS containers did for the moving and storage industry. By taking the idea of a self-storage unit and making it portable, these containers changed everything. They created an affordable way for people to get help with self-storage items, moving them with minimal effort. PODS made scheduling your loading, unloading, moving and storage easier and more convenient.


Before PODS, movers had two choices. If you were moving from one house to another, you had to load everything into a moving truck yourself and then drive the unfamiliar rickety old truck to your new home. Or you could hire a moving company to do the loading and driving and unloading for you. The difference in price for these two options was significant, so most of us were stuck doing everything ourselves.


If you were just looking for storage, maybe for your winter gear during the summer, you had to pack everything into your car or truck, drive it to self storage and unload it all back into the self-storage unit. Now there is a happy median for movers and an easier solution for those needing seasonal or long term storage.


PODS containers helped movers find the middle road, offering an affordable alternative to loading and driving a moving truck. All you have to do is call the PODS franchise and the container is delivered to your driveway the next day. You load your things into the container, taking as much time as you need, and call them to get the PODS unit when you are done. Whether you keep the container for one day or 30, the price is the same, so you can take your time. Then you call the storage company to pick up the PODS container and they will take it to storage for you or move it to your new home; whichever you decide.


Moving is stressful enough without adding obstacles. Rental trucks are just another hassle you don’t need. You have to worry about loading all your boxes up a rickety ramp in the back. Heavy furniture on dollies are a lot easier to load with a PODS container because the unit is place on level ground in your driveway. It’s easier on your back, your legs and your peace of mind. Then when you finally have everything loaded, you have to drive a big truck you are not familiar with over roads you have never traveled. When you let the PODS company do the driving, you have a lot less to worry about.


And if you end up with a gap between the time you need to move and when your new home is ready, there is no problem getting your PODS unit stored at the storage company’s facility. Before PODS, if such a situation arose, you had to move twice…once to your temporary housing and then again to your new home. Now you can just take a few things you need from the PODS unit and send everything else into storage. What could be easier than that?



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