Storage Made Easy With PODS Boston

Maybe you need to clear up room in your shed or garage, so you decide to use temporary storage for your sporting equipment. Perhaps you are planning some home renovations and use it to keep your furniture out of the way and clean while the work is done. It could be that you are trying to sell your house and you use temporary storage as a place to keep some of the clutter while you show the house. Unless you have an extremely friendly neighbor with a lot of extra space in his garage, portable storage is an easier way to do it.


Most people have used self-storage before and it can be tempting to just go with what you know. But once you understand portable storage and how much easier it is than self-storage, you’ll be ready to give it a try. Portable storage is easier, more convenient , less harmful to your belongings and sometimes even cheaper than self-storage.


Portable storage is done with specially designed containers; these containers are made of heavy-duty materials that stand up to bad weather. You can get these containers from any PODS company just by calling up and ordering a unit to be sent to your home. The company will drop the container off in your driveway, ready for you to load. The trucks use special lifting equipment that ensures the container will be put squarely in place without damaging your driveway.


It’s like having the self-storage unit brought to you and carefully set down in your driveway, instead of driving to the self-storage facility. Rather than loading up your car or truck, driving to the self storage place, then reloading your property into the storage unit, you don’t have to go anywhere. You just call for a PODS container, load it up with your things, close it and lock it. Then you give PODS a call and ask them to pick the container up. They will use a special lift system on the PODS truck to pick up the container without damaging anything inside. They then drive the container back to their secure, climate controlled storage center, where it will stay until you need to call it back.


PODS also make a better storage environment for your property, especially if you are storing long-term. Self-storage units have no climate controls, so they are exposed to extreme cold, heat, dryness and humidity. This is no place for your priceless antiques. You are much better off with a PODS container.


You can also rent storage containers long-term and drive to the facility to access your belongings. All you have to do is call PODS customer service and get an appointment, usually within a day or two. Access is usually open six days a week, depending on the particular storage center. When you store your things this way, it’s no big deal to go get your seasonal gear when you need it. You don’t need to brave the elements digging through a self-storage unit because everything is inside. You just schedule a visit, get your stuff and you’re done.


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