Four Uses For PODS Boston

You probably keep hearing about PODS containers, the Portable On Demand Storage solution. People are chattering about them all over the Web, talking about how much money and effort they saved on their move. You may not know that PODS containers are good for a lot more than just moving from one home to another.

PODS for Moving and Storage

It’s true that PODS containers are the easiest way to get your moving and storage taken care of. The PODS franchise will drop a container off at your home and let you keep it there as long as you like. Loading up the container is easy because it sits at ground level. You take your time on the loading and call PODS when you are ready to move or ready to put your container in storage. The PODS company arrives with their truck and uses a special lift system to get the container onto the truck without hurting your driveway and without shifting the contents of your container.


But PODS containers are useful for much more than just moving and storage. They work wonders for anyone working on a home improvement project. Every few years, you need to refinish your hardwood floors and replace carpeting. Sometimes you just want to remodel part of your home.

Whenever you need to clear space in your home without crowding the rest of the house with furniture, you can just call PODS and have a container delivered. You then load the furniture from your home into the container while you renovate. Keep it on site, or have it delivered to the storage facility where your furniture will be protected from extreme heat, cold, dryness or humidity. Once you are done, you just call for the PODS container to be brought back, empty the container at your leisure and send it back when you are done.

Selling Your Home

Many homes are cluttered with years of knick-knacks, hand-me-downs and furniture. To have the best chance of selling your home, it’s a good idea to clear out the clutter and rearrange your best furnishings throughout the home. By presenting a clean, uncluttered space, you greatly increase your chances of selling the home quickly for asking price.

Once you have rearranged your home furnishings and loaded the unneeded items into the PODS container, you just call for pickup and keep the unit at the PODS storage facility. This way, your yard is free from the distraction of the storage unit and your furniture remains in a comfortable controlled environment while you display your home for sale.

Business Moving

Businesses like to use PODS as well. They are perfect for time-sensitive moves from one lease location to another. Businesses can avoid a mad rush and excessive overtime labor for employees by directing the loading over a few hours each day instead of a mad rush to get everything in a moving truck all at once. Using PODS this way also minimizes the chance of worker injury from trying to load the office equipment too quickly.


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