Why PODS Boston is Better Than Self Storage

Most people are familiar with the old self-storage routine. Twice a year, they run out to the self-storage place, suffer the cold and rain, while switching out winter gear for summer equipment. They then load everything up, haul it all home and unload again. When it comes to seasonal or long-term storage, PODS containers are a much better solution. Here’s why.

Less Loading and Unloading

When you use a PODS container for storage, you don’t have to pack all your things into a car and haul them to another location. Instead, PODS are delivered to you, right in your driveway. You can then load the container, which sits on ground level. This is much easier than hefting equipment over the side of your pickup truck or into the truck of your car. You might need to make several trips to get everything you need stored to the self-storage unit. With PODS, you don’t even need to make one trip.

Protection From the Elements

Self-storage units do protect from the rain and snow, but they do nothing to protect your gear from extreme heat or cold, humidity or excessive dryness. Plastic, rubber and other materials can deteriorate from excessive temperature changes. Papers and books can wrinkle and grow mold from too much humidity. Self-storage units have no climate controls to protect your things. But a PODS storage facility is climate controlled and secure, ensuring your property remains in a comfortable, non-damaging environment, just like the one that exists at your home.

Less Hassle

Ever try to call a self-storage facility with questions about your property or their bill? If you are lucky enough to get someone in the office, this person is rarely trained in how to treat customers or resolve problems. With PODS, you’ll get a toll free number to call with a friendly customer service representative who understands your storage concerns. You’ll be treated with dignity and respect, getting quick solutions to any problems that may arise.

Cheaper and Easier

Prices for self-storage versus PODS are roughly the same in rural areas, but using PODS is still much easier. Rural residents often must travel almost an hour just to get to a self-storage facility. Letting PODS do the moving makes life a lot easier, saving rural residents a lot of time and energy.

For city dwellers, PODS is both cheaper and easier. The units fit in a parking space, so you can easily find a place to have yours delivered. After you load up the container, your property is moved to a secure storage location where you can always access your things. You won’t be stuck paying the high self-storage rates that run in metropolitan areas, and it’s a much more convenient way to store your things than self-storage.

If you’ve been using self-storage because that’s all you know, you owe it to yourself to try PODS for storage instead. It makes loading and moving your property easier and can save you a good chunk of change on your storage costs.


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