Home Staging Dos and Don’ts

If the first three rules of real estate are – location, location, location — then the fourth rule has to do with the importance of proper home staging. Any seasoned real estate agent will happily tell you that a well presented home will not only effect how long it takes to sell but also the selling price. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you get started making your home sale-ready.

DO Declutter and Purge. Now’s the time to get rid of all that stuff you’ve been promising to sort through. Think of it this way; the more things you can donate, sell or toss, the less you’ll have to move to your new place. When a professional home stager descends upon a home they’re prepping for market, they often whisk away as much as half the owner’s furnishings, belongings and knickknacks. Clearing things out makes the whole house look much bigger, more spacious and delightfully serene. When it comes to closets, remove up to 80 percent of the clothing from your closet, including your shoes. A sparse but organized closet seems larger and makes the area appear more elegant. Keep only what you really need or love. Period. Enough said.

DON’T Over Personalize.   When a potential buyer steps through your front door, they are quietly hoping that they’re walking into their future dream home.  Seeing tables filled with family photos and a refrigerator covered with your child’s artwork only reminds them that this is already somebody else’s house. It’s not that your vacation photos aren’t fascinating; it’s just that they distract the buyer and take their mind off your home’s best features.  You want to create that luxury hotel feeling or an elegant model home look that appeals to nearly everyone.

DO Clean like a Crazy Person.  This includes walls, ceiling, counter tops, furniture, tile, and light fixtures.  You want shining floors, gleaming windows and scrubbed grout; every surface should sparkle.  Cleaning is the easiest (well, maybe not easiest, but certainly the cheapest) way to help your home put its best foot forward.  If your carpet is a bit gunky or your bathroom grout is moldy, you may want to spend a few bucks and call in the pros to tackle the really tough stuff.  Don’t skimp!  Put a little elbow grease into it.

DON’T Forget About Outdoor Spaces.  Curb appeal is key.  People’s first impression of your house is made as they’re walking up to it.  Pots of blooming flowers and nicely trimmed shrubs go a long way towards making your home’s exterior appeal to buyers.  Power wash siding and walkways.  Hang easy-to-read house numbers.  Mow the lawn or add fresh sod as needed.  Wash exterior of the windows – even the ones way up high.  Repaint or stain the porch floor.  Arrange outdoor furniture in happy little conversation groups.  You get the idea.

DO Add “Model Home” Touches and Qualities.  Add new fluffy towels in the bathroom.  Set the dining table with your best crystal and china.  Soft music, lights on dimmers, candles flickering, and fresh floral are all great ideas for your open houses.  You may need to invest in a few gallons of fresh paint if your wall color is outdated or painted in less popular colors.  It’s okay if you love your dark purple living room and neon orange kitchen, but you’d probably be smart to cover them with something a little more neutral before you put the house on the market.  Use earthy, calm tones for the bigger areas then add pops of saturated colors in the details; such as front doors or small nooks.

Don’t forget about the power of smell – keeping a tub of cookie dough in your fridge allows you to pop in a fresh batch of cookies pre-showing, and to many people, nothing says “home” quite like the smell of fresh-baked cookies.

Vases of fresh flowers also add cleanliness and beauty to a room and can make them more attractive to potential buyers. This is the perfect time to indulge in having fresh flowers around the house.

DON’T Block the Light or the Views.  Natural light makes everything feel more warm and inviting, so don’t block it out with heavy curtains or bulky pieces of furniture, especially if you have attractive views or a pretty yard.  Instead of hiding them, turn them into focal points.  If you aren’t lucky enough to have a killer view or tons of natural light, then a mirror is one of your best staging props.  One mirror can sell a room because it will fill an empty space, brighten a drab corner, or increase the apparent size of a room.

DO Make Sure the House Appeals to Both Sexes.  My very proper grandmother used to say that a flowered bed cover does not belong in a room where a man sleeps.  Whether or not you agree with her opinion on bed linens, when it comes time to sell, your whole home needs to appeal to buyers of both sexes– not just your master bedroom. Get rid of features that seem too gender-specific.

DON’T get carried away.  Yes, you want to clear out, clean up and add a few great touches.  But this isn’t the time to tackle expensive remodeling projects or to be buying a bunch of new pricey furniture that may or may not work in your new home.  We’re confident that with just sticking to these few tips and a little creativity, you might find that getting an offer on your home is easier than you thought.



PODS Boston Most Recent Community Support

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May 2013, Norwood, MA — PODS Boston is being recognized by the Parent Talk organization. Read Letter.

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PODS is being recognized by Tri-State Trek for the use of a PODS container. Read Letter.

PODS For Renovation – Questions and Answers

If you’ve never used PODS for temporary storage during renovations before, you have many questions about how the system works. You also want to know if it’s any cheaper or better than other storage options. These questions and answers should help.

What exactly is a PODS container?


PODS are steel-frame boxes, with aluminum skin panels. A translucent polymer material covers the top to keep the container illuminated from outside light sources. PODS units are equipped with lightweight steel doors that roll up to open and slide down to close. The containers stand up to the elements, being weather-resistant and able to withstand winds up to 100 mph when not empty.


What size PODS unit do I need?


They are available in three basic sizes. If you are renovating only one room, choose the 8x7x7. If you have several rooms, use the 8x8x12. If this is a full-home renovation, you probably need the largest container, 8x8x16.


How do I get a PODS unit?

All you have to do is call and order a container. We’ll deliver it to your home or business, usually within a day. Keep it as long as you need it and call us to get it when your renovations are complete.


What will a unit cost me?

PODS will charge a small fee for delivery and again for retrieval. There is also a monthly rental fee. You can call for a quote and it will be honored for 14 days, giving you time to decide if PODS is right for your needs. If you need any special packing supplies or insurance for the contents, they will cost more. You also might face an additional charge if you do not have a driveway or other level surface for the container to be set down.


If I change my mind and cancel the order, can I get a refund?


Your credit card is not charged for the PODS unit until the delivery date. If you are unable to cancel before 4pm the day before delivery, there may be a cancellation charge. Make sure you call and speak with an agent about your cancellation.


How much space do I need for the PODS container outside my home or apartment?


The delivery truck will need clearance of 15 feet above and at least 7 feet of space on either side, for a total of 14 feet. The ground must be reasonably level and there can be no low hanging wires or branches.  Most driveways can accommodate two PODS containers side by side. If there is snow on the ground, be sure to clear enough snow for the required dimensions.


How long can I keep the PODS unit at my home?

PODS places no time limits or restrictions, but check with your town to be sure there are no regulations that may place a time limit on temporary storage units.


Should I worry about theft when keeping a PODS unit at my home?


Hopefully, you live in a place where theft is not a problem. If not, be sure to keep the PODS door closed and locked when you are not loading or unloading it.

Declutter Your Home and Get Organized

PODS is a smarter way to help you sell your home – and, after  the sale, move to your next one. First, a PODS® storage container unit can help you clear and declutter your home for staging so prospective buyers  see more of your home and less of what’s stacked up in it. Decluttering your  home also helps your home sell faster and for more money.

Next, PODS can move your storage container with your extra  stuff directly to your new home with no unpacking, repacking or driving a  rental truck.  A PODS® storage  container is a perfect solution for organizing your home while you prepare to  sell. If you decide you’d like some help decluttering your home, PODS can refer  you to our preferred packing, loading and unloading provider.

Our process is simple: We deliver a container, you fill it  up, then keep the container on-site or at our secure Storage Center. After the  sale, PODS can deliver the container to your new home where you can take your time unpacking it.

With PODS, you have the convenience and flexibility to  organize your home on your schedule.

PODS – Saving Your Business Money

Saving money for your small business is important, but finding time to pack and move your office in between your regular job duties is hard. If you are moving on short notice it’s even harder. But there is a way to move on short notice, save money and get it done without working an 80-hour week. You can rent a PODS container, an affordable way to move and storage goods that takes less time, hassle and expense.


PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage. These units are popular among small businesses because they are customizable, scalable and offer flexible terms of use. Because a PODS unit fits in a standard car’s parking space, it’s easy to get the container on site and ready to load. The container will not distract from your regular business or be in the way for customers.


PODS are durable storage containers made of high-grade steel and waterproof plywood reinforced with aluminum. The units are secure, giving you the only access. You can load your office equipment and lock the container at night without worrying about a break in. The container can even be kept more secure during the move through GPS tracking equipment. You can order a PODS unit with a dehumidifier or air conditioner to provide the optimal environment for your equipment, even when the elements do not.


Looking at your moving options, you have three choices. You can rent a truck, pack, load and drive everything to your new location. You could also hire a moving company, either to pack, load and drive, or just to load and drive. Or you could call for a PODS container, pack, load and let them do the moving. In looking at the costs versus benefits of these options, PODS wins and here’s why.


While renting a truck is the cheapest option, it involves moving equipment up a steep ramp on the back of the truck. This can easily lead to a workplace injury, especially for heavy items. There is also the concern of a major accident occurring while you drive an unfamiliar vehicle, putting your business assets and insurance rates at risk. Renting a truck to drive across country costs around $3,000.


When you pay a mover, you have to pay for the labor to load the truck, the truck use, labor for the drivers, fuel, and myriad other charges. In the end, the move will cost about $8,000 if you are moving cross-country. You also need to schedule your move around the company’s schedule.


If you move coast-to-coast with PODS, you’d pay around $4,000 for everything. You get your container the day after you ask for it and pick up is the same. You can load the container for an hour or two each day until it’s full, then call for pickup when you’re ready. Because the PODS container sits on level ground, you minimize the risk of worker injury. At a cost only slightly more than renting, and half the cost of hiring movers, PODS is the most logical choice for small businesses.

Have you seen a ”PODZILLA®?”

The first time I heard of a ”PODZILLA®” I thought it was the title of the latest Marvel Comics flick. Turns out, it’s a powerful piece of equipment that can literally carry you house. Ok, well, the contents of your house. In a PODS® container. You know, one of those portable moving and storage containers you see around town on the back of a truck or in your neighborhood? I have seen plenty of them, but never one in action. Imagine my luck when a few days later a PODS® container was delivered two streets over from my house. I know, right? Jackpot!

The PODZILLA didn’t scale two-story houses in a single bound but it was expertly lifted off the trailer by the PODS driver who used a wireless remote to maneuver the container. He told me the process was a patented hydraulic lift system that minimizes shifting by keeping the container level during loading and unloading and was affectionately known as PODZILLA.

It was a Saturday so kids from the neighborhood (and my sons, too) watched in awe. Even grown-ups were amazed at the delicate balance of this big rectangular storage container. Dork that I am I can’t even work my Wii controllers so this was cool to watch.

It was parked in the driveway for about a week until PODS came back to pick it up. Turns out the homeowners are renovating their entire downstairs and used the PODS® container to store all of their furniture to keep it clean and dry. I’ll bet there are a million uses for PODS, and I’m sure I will think of 999,999 more (okay, maybe less) to entertain you.

What Are PODS Containers?

What Are Pods Containers?


No, they’re not the little green cases your peas come in, but the idea is similar. PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage and these storage units are just that. They are self-contained units that you pack like a moving truck, but you don’t have to do the driving.  They’re the perfect solution for do-it-yourselfers who don’t want to suffer the nerve-racking experience of driving a rental truck.


These containers come in three sizes to fit everything you need to store or move. You can choose a 7 x 7 x 8, 8 x 8 x 12, or 8 x 8 x 16. This is like the difference between a pickup bed, a box truck and a full sized moving truck.


PODS Containers are great because you can load, unload and move anything you want, almost anywhere you want, any time you choose. All you have to do is call up the PODS franchise and they come out to pick up the unit in their specialized trucks. These trucks have a special lifting fork attached that lets them pick up and transfer your PODS container with very little shifting to your things inside.


These storage units are so much easier to load than a truck because they sit on the ground. No more walking up a rickety ramp, watching every step you take to avoid an injury or dropping something valuable. You just walk in and out, just like moving things from one room in your home to another. It’s faster, safer and takes a lot less effort. You can even let the kids help without worrying.


You can also take your time loading a PODS container because they are “On Demand.” You don’t have to worry about a mover’s schedule fitting in with your time scale. The company will drop of your PODS container and you can take all year to move if that’s what you want to do. These containers are weather tight and stand up to all sorts of weather conditions, so it’s like having a shed for your things that you can easily pick up and move any time you want.


If you need to keep your stuff stored for a long period of time and you don’t want the container in your yard, the PODS company will move your container to their secure storage facility. Just like with self-storage, you are the only one with access to the PODS container. Facilities are monitored by security equipment, keeping your property safe in storage until you need it. Plus, you don’t have to load up your car or truck, drive it home and then unload it. You just call your PODS company and they will bring the storage unit to your house, even if that means they have to travel across country to reach you in a new home. You can then unload the container just as easily as you loaded it, with the least amount of fuss. You don’t have to drive a scary moving truck and you don’t have to pay a lot of money for someone else to load or unload your things.



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